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Film Festivals

Welcome to Spirit Film Festival
Empowering, Uplifting & Inspiring cinema

Spirit Film Festival is a celebration of the SPIRIT. The spirit is the vital essence that gives life to the body and soul, and what connects us to human beings, nature and other realms. 

Spirit Film Festival is dedicated to spread ideas that contribute to the evolution of consciousness and inspire transformation through films. Our purpose is to showcase cinematic gems that empower the audience to live kinder, wiser, and more enlightened lives.


The world’s best life-affirming, mind-body-spirit focused films

In 2020 we are launching our festivals in 4 corners of the World. From Israel to Europe, Costa Rica & USA the festival experience is now within your grasp.  we invite you to step into the beyond: explore new ideas, learn useful tools, open your heart, meet new friends and above all take part in creating a new reality, one of mindful people living in harmony with our environment and each other.

Upcoming Festivals

Image by Motoki Tonn

December 17-23

The First Spirit film festival in Costa Rica will be held from December 17-23 this year at
Cinema Magaly in San Jose.

Image by Yannic Läderach

Fall  2021

More Details coming soon

Coming soon

Oct 21 - Oct 31

15th Tel Aviv International Spiritual Film Festival
at Cinematheque Tel Aviv


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