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Spirit Film Festival was founded by Harsita & Anamika Eshel in 2006 in Israel. After 14 successful years in Israel Spirit Film Festival became a travelling festival that will be held this year in different countries around the globe.

SpiritFF is proud to be the pioneering film festival for conscious cinema said the festival’s Founder Harsita Eshel we hope that also in other places around the Planet we will attract movie-lovers, spiritual seekers and conscious lifestyle enthusiasts from all over.

We are often surrounded by the doom and gloom of thrillers, horror movies and adrenaline-packed action flicks, but the films that tug at our heartstrings and help us connect back to our inner selves are also important. It is time for society to see a more positive, healthy mirror. Films and stories have the potential to heal and improve our lives. This is one of the reasons why we founded Spirit Film Festival said Harsita.

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