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December 17-23 , San Jose



San Jose Costa Rica November 2020 -

The First Spirit film festival in Costa Rica will be held from December 17-23 this year at Cinema Magaly in San Jose.  Spirit Film Festival Costa Rica offers a collection of feature length films from around the world, exploring the year’s best in conscious cinema, as well as eye opening and thought provoking lectures and conversations that will expand minds and inspire dialogue.

 The unique feature of this film festival is that it presents both an exciting line-up of cutting edge films, as well as interactive Talks & workshops that will guide participants from inspiration to transformative action. “Film, at its best, touches, moves and inspires us to be our best selves – This festival expresses the voice of a spiritually mature and socially responsible movement that is committed to changing the world for the better,” said Harsita Eshel the founder of Spirit Film Festivals. “We intend to dazzle and entertain, but also to evoke an inner response that not only transforms the consciousness of attendees, but also inspires action.”

Spirit Film Festival was founded by Harsita & Anamika Eshel in 2006 in Israel. After 14 successful years in Israel Spirit film Festival became a travelling festival that will be held this year in different countries around the globe. SpiritFF is proud to be the pioneering film festival for conscious cinema said the festival’s Founder Harsita Eshel we hope that also in Costa Rica we will attract movie-lovers, spiritual seekers and conscious lifestyle enthusiasts from all over the country.
We are often surrounded by the doom and gloom of thrillers, horror movies and adrenaline-packed action flicks, but the films that tug at our heartstrings and help us connect back to our inner selves are also important. It is time for society to see a more positive, healthy mirror. Films and stories have the potential to heal and improve our lives. This is one of the reasons why we founded Spirit Film Festival said Harsita.

In our first-year festival addition in San Jose we will offer audiences the opportunity to enjoy the world’s best life-affirming, mind-body-spirit focused films and experience radical transformation together.
The highlight of the festival, screenings of the world's leading films in the Mind-body-spirit genre and “Cinema Nirvana” events, pairing films with inspiring talks. The festival will also offer Performances, and a colorful new age fair offering a space for venders to sale and introduce products for meditation, healing, etc… all to complete the SPIRIT experience.

SpiritFF entertains, enlightens and inspires a global audience with curated mindful movies with content that uplift, evoke awe and restore hope in humanity.
Festival attendees can watch movies with like-minded individuals and have the opportunity to share ideas, network, relax and enjoy each other’s company.
If you are someone who loves to see positive role models, learn something new, and feel your heart open, then these are the types of festivals you want to attend.

 The time has come for us to move from a stressed society to one of synergy and mindfulness. The stories we tell in film and media, as well as inside our own heads, can take us there!



7 day - Films - Talks - Meditation - Music - 

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Transformational Films

The highlight of the festival,
Spirit screen the world's leading films in the Mind-body-spirit genre. 


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Cinema Nirvana

“Cinema Nirvana” events, pairing films with inspiring talks


New age Fair

  Performances, and a colorful new age fair offering a space for venders to sale and introduce products for wellness and spiritual life all to complete the SPIRIT experience.

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Cinema Magaly

Barrio La California, frente al Observatorio, Calle 23 San José, Costa Rica

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Social Gathering

Festival attendees have the opportunity to share ideas, network, relax and enjoy each other’s company


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