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The HeartMath Experience
Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are


La experiencia HeartMath

Estados Unidos, 90 min, Subtitulado

Dirección: Juan Carlos La Madrid, Howard Martin, Guillermo Mathews

Through 20 years of research on the effects of emotions on physiology, the Institute of HeartMath developed a simple yet powerful technique called Quick Coherence(R) that brings your heart and mind into coherence and enables you to recharge in as little as three to five minutes. Using this technique a couple times a day brings you more inner clarity and balance. Scientific studies showed improvements in mental & emotional well-being.
Connect with the heart of who you truly are. Learn from an inspiring experiential program that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.


Director: Juan Carlos La Madrid, Howard Martin, Guillermo Mathews
Country: USA
Year: 2020 
Duration: 90 min 
Language: English with Spanish subtitle

La experiencia HeartMath


A lo largo de 20 años de investigación sobre los efectos de las emociones en la fisiología, el Instituto de HeartMath desarrolló una técnica simple pero poderosa llamada Quick Coherence (R) que une el corazón y la mente a la coherencia y le permite recargarse en tan solo tres a cinco minutos. Los estudios científicos demuestran que usar esta técnica un par de veces al día brinda más claridad y equilibrio interior, y mostraron mejoras en el bienestar mental y emocional.

Conéctate con el corazón de quien realmente eres. Aprenda de un programa experiencial inspirador que ofrece nuevos conocimientos y técnicas prácticas para ayudarlo a responder a los desafíos del día a día con más facilidad y serenidad.

Título original: The HeartMath Experience
Estados Unidos, 90 min, Subtitulado

Dirección: Juan Carlos La Madrid, Howard Martin, Guillermo Mathews


Dec 19,  Saturday
13:00 PM

Cinema Nirvana : Talk + Mediation + Film
Uncover the Power of your Heart
13:00-13:30 PM

13;30 Film : The HeartMath Experience

Dec 23,  Wednesday 
18:30 PM

Cinema Nirvana:  Lecture + Film

Concord : The affective bonds in your integral well-being: Father-daughter narrated story
6:30-7:00 PM

7:00 PM- Film : The HeartMath Experience

Cinema Nirvana: 
Uncover the Power of your Heart – A HeartMath Experience”.
Dec 19, Saturday, 13:00


Description: As you bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment, you begin to experience greater clarity, self-confidence, optimal performance, access to intuition, and deep compassion. The secret behind this shift lies in your heart, who we now know has a much more complex role in our body than simply pumping blood. Create a new story for yourself and others, starting today, tuning in to the wisdom that your heart enables to bring about great changes in the way you face day-to-day situations.

About Ricardo Jimenez

 Being very young, life gave me a gift that would mark me forever, the unexpected death of my younger brother. At that moment I couldn't make any sense of what happened, but decades later my question “why?” would become a “what for?” whose answer would detonate in me a driving force and inspiration to work on human development issues, which became my passion and mission in life. That's why one day I left my 20-year corporate career to found Synchronicity, a company specializing in transforming people and teams. Our mission is to awaken people to live their dreams. To achieve this we bring to the region a series of innovative and world-leading philosophies using in-depth programs and workshops. At the heart of Synchronicity is HeartMath, and among our team of coaches and consultants we have all of their certifications available to help people in our region awaken the power of their hearts.

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Cinema Nirvana: 


The affective bonds in your integral well-being:

Dec 23, Wednesday, 18:30

Concord is a virtue that is built together with other people. It is that “heart-to-heart” state that encourages caring for one another, understanding that if I grow, the other person will grow as well and vice versa.

The conference invites the participants to expirience a process of self-knowledge, healing and development, aiming to positively impact the well-being of each person, placing special emphasis on the importance of affective bonds and the effect they have on our mental, emotional and physical state, based on the contributions of the SPIRE comprehensive wellness model.

From experience, Jorge and Verónica, will share their personal story, both as father and daughter as well as partners and professionals who believe and promote the idea that relationships are crucial to a fulfilling life and should be a priority.

The Concord Conference comes to offer at this special time of year, a space to reflect on oneself through the search for the experience itself.  It is a space to connect with who we are and connect with who we have around us, through the understanding that we are beings of bond, that we are mirrors, that every time we see the other we see ourselves and that there is always the possibility of improving our relationships.


Lecture given by:

Jorge López- Psychologist, Group-process Facilitator, Certified Happiness Trainer, Entrepreneur and founder of the company Natural Team Building.

Verónica López- Group-process Facilitator, Proyect Manager, Social Worker and creator of the Proyect “Daily Living”.

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